Monday, 1 July 2013

Science Question Choice, (Joseph)


The research question/hypothesis would be 'the size of the pinhole in the pinhole camera would affect the clarity of the picture produced.
It wold be considered as experimental research
This research is how an image can be projected with a pin hole instead of fancy lenses much like a camera, and how the size of the pinhole change / amount of light entering the box would affect how the projected picture looks like.



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  2. Hypothesis: "Investigation of size of pinhole would affect the clarity of picture"/"if i increase the size of the pinhole, the picture would be clearer, however, beyond a certain size, the picture would be blur."

    Constant variable: "Size of camera, time of day, weather, location of picture, colour of camera, time exposed."

    Dependant variable: "Quality of picture"

    Independent variable: "Size of pinhole"