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New GPP (Update 14.8.13)



Names: Liang Zhen Yu, Xavier Ng, Joseph Yong and Anurag M

Class: S2-08   

Group Reference: F

Indicate the type of research that you are adopting:

[    ] Test a hypothesis: Hypothesis-driven research
e.g. Investigation of the anti-bacteria effect of chrysanthemum

[    ] Measure a value: Experimental research (I)
e.g. Determination of the mass of Jupiter using planetary photography

[    ] Measure a function or relationship: Experimental research (II)
e.g. Investigation of the effect of temperature on the growth of crystals

[    ] Construct a model: Theoretical sciences and applied mathematics
e.g. Modeling of the cooling curve of naphthalene 

[ √ ] Observational and exploratory research
e.g. Investigation of the soil quality in School of Science and Technology, Singapore 

[    ] Improve a product or process: Industrial and applied research
e.g. Development of a SMART and GREEN energy system for households

Title: An investigation on how different types of material used for the parachute’s canopy affects the time taken for the parachute to reach the ground

Question or Problem being addressed

Which material used will give us the best timings.

Independent variable: Material of the parachute’s canopy

 Dependent variable: Time taken for the parachute to reach the ground

Constant variable: 

1. Size of canopy

2. Length of wire connecting canopy to the weight

3. Weight of the weight

4. Place the parachutes are dropped from

Goals / Expected Outcomes / Hypotheses

Changing the type of material used for the canopy affects the time taken for the parachute to reach the ground

Description in detail of method or procedures (The following are important and key items that should be included when formulating ANY AND ALL research plans.)

Equipment list: 
4 materials (Nylon, Paper, Plastic and Aluminum)
Fishing wire
Paper clip as weight


Procedures: Detail all procedures and experimental design to be used for data collection
    1. Take a parachute of a certain material and drop it from the MPH to the ISH
    2. Record the time taken for the parachute to land on the floor of the ISH
    3. Repeat steps 1. and 2. 3 times to get an accurate result
    4. Get an average time of landing for the material
    5. Take another parachute of different material and repeat steps 1., 2., 3. and 4.
    6. Compare timings of the 4 different materials for the parachute
    7. Conclude which material is the best

Risk and Safety: Identify any potential risks and safety precautions to be taken.

Data Analysis: Describe the procedures you will use to analyze the data/results that answer research questions or hypotheses
    1. Place the time taken for each material into a table and then transfer into a graph
    2. Find the average time for each material to reach the floor 
    3. Conclude which material did the best by having the largest time before reaching the ground

Bibliography: List at least five (5) major references (e.g. science journal articles, books, internet sites) from your literature review. If you plan to use vertebrate animals, one of these references must be an animal care reference. Choose the APA format and use it consistently to reference the literature used in the research plan. List your entries in alphabetical order.

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