Monday, 1 July 2013

Science Question Choice - Zhen Yu

My question is to see what type of water hydrilla plants grow best in.
As hydrillas are plants that are fully submerged in water, it will be easier to do this experiment with it.
We will have a total of 4 apparatus. 1 would be a hydrilla placed in plane, tap water. That would be the control. Another would be water from distilled water, like 'Rhino Water'. The third would be water from the eco-pond. Last but not least, the water in this apparatus would be rain water.

1 comment:

  1. Hypothesis: The hydrilla's growth is affected by the kind of water its in.

    Independent variable: Type of water
    Dependent variable: Hydrilla
    Constant: Amount of water, type of hydrilla, type of glass hydrilla is placed in, hydrilla same size, hydrilla same number of leaves, same environment and temperature of water.